To the be the most compassionate, independent provider of small business and executive benefits across the country.


We believe in communicating frequently and in plain English. We believe in continuing education—a lot of continuing education. We believe in “staying in our lane.” We say no to business that is outside our expertise. Finally, we believe in a strong, family-oriented company culture that welcomes new ideas and respects and celebrates diversity.


The insurance market is much too vast for one agent to be an expert in all areas. Because we only offer executive benefits, all of our training, continuing education and experience are in this one area. Just like in medicine, when you have a specific need, a specialist is expertly equipped to give you the best and most innovative answers.


We are an independent broker and have been since 1979. We remain independent to keep the client’s needs the priority. We’re not interested in the latest marketing incentive by an insurance company.


PBI was founded by the late Bill Hollister who eventually retired allowing Jim Tollerton to continue the business in 1979. After 40 years growing the business, Jim’s daughter Taylor Collins, a graduate of Florida State University’s Risk Management/Insurance program joined in 2007. Now Taylor has narrowed the focus of PBI to Executive Benefits and serves as President and 100% owner.

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